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Creating a Color Block Instagram Feed

As an influencer, blogger and overall content creator, developing a unique personal brand is extremely important to me. It is necessary to execute this through uniform content.

OK, so exactly how is this done?

There are several ways to brand yourself but let's stick to social media platforms being most popular, specifically Instagram.

"How do I build my brand on Instagram? What do I want my feed to look like, and how do I want it to represent me?" I've been there, asking myself the same questions. The first step would be to find a label that best represents your brand. Are you a blogger, athlete, musician, etc.? Is your content lifestyle, fashion, beauty or fitness related?

I identify as a personal blogger placing emphasis on fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.

Step 1: Complete. Now those that visit your Instagram page have a sense of what you're all about.

The second step involves the creation of a theme for your Instagram feed. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the amount of innovative ways to organize the pictures you post. I actually view this as an art form. A great deal of time and talent is put into "the perfect feed," although some may just find it to be a waste of time. However, this is crucial when it comes down to the decision to follow or not.

Since Instagram is strictly visuals, a creative aspect must be present in order to motivate people to follow. Why follow someone with boring content that doesn't peak your interest in the slightest way?

Possible themes to spice up your feed include:

1. Minimalism

2. Black and white

3. Borders

4. Puzzle

5. Pastel colors

6. Same filter

7. Flatlay

8. Checkerboard

9. Floral

10. Squares

I have experimented with feed themes for quite some time now. My personal favoriteone that I've stuck to for about a yearis the infamous color blocking technique.

I simply select a color and coordinate all my photos around that particular color for the duration of the theme. This involves preplanning outfits and inspirational posts around the colored aesthetic. Outfit of the day posts, motivational quotes, moments on a vacation and all other things that you can snap a pic of can be used.

The number one rule? Just make sure to incorporate the color you selected in each picture that you post. I'm always up for a challenge, and personally enjoy the task of strategically planning out each picture that I post.

A pro tip of mine is going on Pinterest to create themed boards based on colors that I plan on using to color block with. Simply search "(color name) aesthetic" and scroll through the limitless possibilities for inspiration.

I selected variations of the color red for my most recent feed. I realized pretty quickly that I don't have many red items in my closet, nor do I experiment with the color in general. It's all about finding a way to make it work while also stepping out of your comfort zone.

Of course you don't have to stick to a single color. Switch it up sometimes. I also like to experiment by using a single filter for some of my posts to break up color blocking. A filter with a colored tint/hue, for example can help, especially if you want to color block but don't necessarily want to coordinate outfits or have pictures that include the color.

Nevertheless, color blocking my Instagram feed embodies who I am as a person and overall content creator. I have a colorful personality that shines through my writing. This works to help solidify my personal brand entirely.

Why not give it a try?

Your Instagram feed should ultimately be a representation of who you are and how you feel.

Keep up with me on Instagram @juzannem to see what theme I use for my feed next!

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